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Petal Tops - Reusable Nipple Covers

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Conceal unwanted definition and nipple show-through with reusable, waterproof Petal Tops. Crafted to comfortably mold to breast shape with a non-sensitizing silicone adhesive and soft, absorbent centers. Wear underneath sheer fabrics, swimsuits, activewear, clingy tops and plunging necklines for all-day discretion.
1. Carefully remove backing, holding the petal with the tips of your fingers
2. Center on clean, lotion-free nipple area
3. Start in center and smooth to edges of the petals
4. Peel off slowly
5. Reuse 10 times or more
Material: 100% polyester, silicone adhesive
Each pack contains 1 pair
Size: 2 ¾” diameter
Colors: Beige, Cocoa


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